A Curriculum Based Experience

The Summit offers a curriculum-based experience where you will learn practical, up to date and actionable E-Commerce strategies that actually work. And you will have access to successful entrepreneurs who are deep in the trenches and proficient at their craft.

Just imagine coming to an event and having access to a team of experts who will help you:

  • Find profitable products to sell online
  • Import or manufacture goods from all over the world or source products domestically
  • Improve your online sales
  • Run effective advertising campaigns
  • Develop a high converting website
  • Create email funnels that generate sales on autopilot
  • Implement up to date strategies that are working today
  • Take your existing business from 4-5 figures to 6-7 figures and beyond.


Hundreds of businesses coming from around the South West Region are expected to join the government and relevant agencies at the Regional E-Commerce Summit in Ibadan.

One of the purposes of the summit is to launch a strategy to achieve our vision of being worldclass in embracing E-Commerce for competitive advantage.
An effective E-Commerce Strategy is essential for addressing one of the greatest challenges facing our nation right now – the modernization
of our economy.

We do have some advantages.
We are predominantly doing business in an English speaking nation with a government that has begun to recognize the need for this revolution.
We’ve got to be world class and in the end world leaders of the new economy and we’re on a path to achieving this.

The most important thing we did was to reject the old, last century thinking that governments have no role in economic development. They do. This government has to roll up its sleeves, and work in partnership with business, tertiary institutions and communities to provide opportunities for all.

The Regional E-Commerce Summit & Expo is an example of this partnership.

“But we have to change from a country that is overly dependent on oil to one where information and knowledge both add and generate value for traditional and new products and services.”


The Game has Changed With disruptive changes throughout retail and ECommerce, now is the time to innovate, collaborate and partner in entirely new ways.

We believe that hundreds of individuals from a multitude of retailers and brands around the region would attend the summit to meet with their peers as well as with startups, tech companies, investors and others.

The Summit’s environment is open, friendly and conducive to:
1. Learning about the latest technologies, trends and business models and

2. Interacting with the ecosystem to embrace innovation.
These meetings are certainly worth the time and expense. They can serve as a powerful catalyst to align leaders, develop solutions to problems, introduce new strategies, and fuel collaboration across the organization. But many
companies squander this rare opportunity to harness the collective knowledge of their frontline leaders.

The summit may be the only time in the year when many participants see one another. Yet all too often, connections are left to happen by chance—at meals, in breakout groups, or during coffee breaks and cocktail hours…”

Discover What Actually Works For Your Business

Most people leave a typical business conference with a bunch of marketing strategies and theories. But when they try to implement these theories by themselves later on, they fail. Why?

It’s because most marketing gurus teach the theory and not the facts. The truth is that marketing “theory” doesn’t always translate to sales and every business is going to react differently depending on the strategy.

Because the Summit is a “workshop” based event, you will have the opportunity to test all of the strategies you learn and ask questions DURING the conference itself.

“This is possible because the event is being kept to a reasonable size and made intimate to facilitate a small group learning environment and the speakers are here to help you out”

Picture yourself working on your business in real time with an expert sitting at the same table as you. It is the best way to learn.

“At “The Summit” we’re here to teach and for you to learn. In fact, we don’t even want to call it a conference. It’s more like an intense 3-5 day workshop”. After all, would you rather come to an event and listen to a bunch of random entrepreneurs tell inspiring stories about their past or would you rather come away

with real, actionable strategies that will actually make you money?

What we are offering is the ultimate “E-Commerce Learning Conference” for
entrepreneurs where you will get inspired not by stories, but by gaining all of the knowledge required to run your own successful ECommerce business.

The goal is to teach you in 3-5 days what most people take months, if not years, to achieve….”